Apr 4, 2017


I forgot to write again, but I sewed everyday.
I realize writing here has become a chore and I don't even know why I'm doing it. No one is reading, and I keep repeating myself!
So... I will stop writing. Here. I will keep a brief journal just for myself. That seems to make more sense. And, of course, I'll keep doing my monthly challenges.
So I say goodbye to anyone who might still read this... May your life be filled with good experiments ;p

Apr 1, 2017

Another month of sewing

I didn't sew on the last days because I didn't have time to do it. I was involved in the preparation of a big experimental test and work was all-consuming. This test was yesterday, so now things should go back to normal.

I decided to continue the sewing challenge for another month. I want to, at least, finish my blouse! But this time I'll go back to writing everyday - otherwise I get too forgetful about writing :P

See you tomorrow!